“… And you will discover that mermaids are not those sirens of that myth, but the navigators of the emotional underworld, who will help you reach the other side, extending yourself, feeling the wind in your hair …” - Lucy Cavendish

Return to Atlantis

A Mermaid's Journey

Bimini, Bahamas

November 14-20, 2016
Are you fascinated with stories and tales of Mermaids...
Do you feel a connection to Atlantis and Lemuria...
Are you mesmerized by dolphins and the sea...
Do you feel at home in the water...
Do you gravitate towards highly energetic locations...
Do you feel called to discover, explore and reconnect with these magical energies...

If what you've read so far resonates, then keep reading - this is the adventure for you! There has been a resurgence of interest in 'mermaid lore' recently, and this we feel, is deeply connected to the divine feminine energies on the planet that are being reawakened at this time. Most of what modern culture shares about mermaids doesn't go beyond the famed Hans Christian Andersen and Disney depictions. There is a much more interesting story and deeper meaning behind the legend of mermaids that is connected not only to numerous indigenous cultures around the world, but to other star systems and civilizations as well.
These mermaid myths, the ones you've heard and the ones you haven't heard - the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the magical, the dark - illuminate both shadow and light aspects of the feminine - ALL of which require our unconditional love and acceptance. This 'mermaid energy', for those who are called to it, holds a major key to understanding and experiencing what true unconditional self love really means.

This invitation is a grand opportunity to do meaningful inner work to break down belief systems we carry as to how we define what it means to be a woman; to be feminine. We heal the heart through this exploration, understanding, forgiving, and shattering of these frameworks that keep us from our deepest acceptance and love of our selves.

If you are feeling called to reconnect to this powerful feminine energy come join your mermaid tribe on the gorgeous island of Bimini this fall where we will be exploring, activating, connecting, healing and playing!
The Significance of Bimini Island

Atlantis Connection... The famous Edgar Cayce, known as 'The Sleeping Prophet' repeatedly cited Bimini as once part of the lost empire of Atlantis named Poseidia. Cayce stated that remains of temples would be found in the waters surrounding Bimini, and that those who journey to the Atlantis Energy Vortex near Bimini with a good heart will be rewarded by gaining knowledge of their spiritual goal in this incarnation.

Energy Grid... Bimini is believed to be the energy source that powers the planetary energetic grid which connects to other powerful sacred sites around the globe. According to numerous channels and sources, the island of Bimini sits atop a Ruby Red Crystal that was fully activated on Summer Solstice, June 2016. Bimini purportedly serves as the power source for the new crystalline matrix energy grid for planet earth.
The Wild Dolphins... Bimini is home to resident pods of wild dolphins that embody an energy like nothing we've ever experienced before. Some believe the dolphins that swim in Bimini waters are the keepers of the Atlantean temples located nearby.

The island of Bimini, its healing waters and resident dolphins further connect us with fifth dimensional energies that serve to unlock dormant codes within, of joy and ecstatic bliss; a lightness of being we once knew long, long ago and are ready to embody once again.

Is This for Me?...

This journey is not for everyone. Designed for only 12 women who hear the call, this is for you if...

… You are ready to embark on a deeply immersive experience to open and discover your most vulnerable, authentic, open hearted and embodied SELF.

…You are ready to heal through the heart, with the tools of compassion and allowing rather than doing “hard work” and exerting “effort”. The space, the energy and joy of the activities of this retreat create the healing that will happen on an experiential level.

… You can leave your cell phone, computer and all connection to the outside world at the door and spend this week immersed the exploration of YOU!

This is NOT for you if ...

...You are looking for a party, the lowest priced retreat, or if this is a time in your life where opening yourself up to being vulnerable might feel overwhelming, then this may not be the experience for you.

* This adventure is open to women over the age of 21 who are in general good physical health and can swim.
* PLEASE NOTE: Passports are required for travel to Bimini.

Important to Understand . . .

This is not a teaching lesson in spirituality or particular set of beliefs, anthropological history or legend. While there will be much knowledge, stories and experience shared by your facilitators and amongst all of the women that are drawn to gather, we will not be 'telling you' your answers - we will be creating space for you to be 'shown' - and the grand revealer is YOU. Bimini holds energetic codes that will be activated within to accelerate your journey. While you will likely learn much on this journey, the emphasis is primarily on what you will experience, feel, BE, and become, upon your return.

Mermaid tails basking in the sun...
Wild dolphin swim...
Hiking to the North Island Vortex...
Floating through Mangroves after Sound Bath...
Mouthwatering meal made by our Gourmet Chef...
What Your Adventure Holds:

• Mermaid Swimming - Undulating through the water in a mermaid tail evokes the beautiful sensation of freedom, joy and playfulness. You will receive your own mono fin and tail skin and we will teach you how to swim like a mermaid - with lots of time to practice!

• Swim with the Wild Dolphins of Bimini - (spotted and/or bottlenose). There are simply no words. It is THE most incredible, magical experience of this sort that we've ever had. A true bucket list once in a lifetime experience.

• Snorkel the Road to Bimini - Also known as the stones of Atlantis and believed to be ancient ruins of this advanced civilization.

• Snorkel Morzel Reef and Wreck - A location that is now haven to scores of tropical fish and sea life in 20 feet deep water.

• Hike to North Island Vortex - We'll hike the tip of the north island through beach, mangrove and pine forest to arrive on the east side to a deserted strip of beach and vortex for mermaid play, meditation, relaxation and water ceremony.

• Sound Bath at the Healing Mangroves - We’ll go on an excursion to what locals call "The Healing Hole”, which is a section of the creek that is connected to an underground labyrinth of narrow tunnels. On the outgoing tide, cold water with a very high mineral content flows out of these tunnels and into the creek. Many people believe that these waters have healing powers, after experiencing it ourselves we believe so too!

• Group Visualization Work - Through deep meditative and visualization exercises we will explore Mermaid and Atantis realms, discover your connection and glean messages and information pertinent to your journey.

• Private Massage - Each mermaid will receive a private massage with licensed massage therapist Marsha Rivera.

• Full Moon Sacred Ceremony - We will gather in sacred ceremony at the energy source on planet earth for healing, cleansing and amplifying our highest intentions.

• Free Time to relax, swim, explore Alice Town

• Option to join excursion to the Atlantic Ocean Vortex at Sea for a Meditation at the tip of the Bermuda Triangle. (*Not included in package, may join for additional cost)
All-Inclusive Retreat Package
$750 Deposit Secures Your Space! Feel free to contact Elizabeth Bell for information about payment installments and flexible credit line options with Paypal.

• Shared Lodging for 6 Nights/7 Days

• ALL healthy and delicious meals and snacks prepared by our personal gourmet chef (19 breakfast lunches and dinners plus snacks and plenty of water). *No alcoholic beverages during retreat until our last wine paired dinner. Chef will offer mocktails throughout the week.

• Your very own Mermaid Tail - Mono fin and skin color of your choice

• ALL excursions and activities listed above (includes snorkel fins and mask for your entire stay, boat charters, guided tours, tips, taxes, etc.)

• Transportation to excursions


~Travel to Bimini Not Included~

Flights depart from Fort Lauderdale and Miami to Bimini. Ferry options may also be available through Bimini Resorts World. We will assist you with making your travel arrangements. Please note that an island imposed departure tax of $29 is required to depart Bimini.


~ Sleeping Accommodations ~

We will be spending our week in a beautiful private house that sleeps twelve. Located within Resorts World on North Bimini, the house boasts a beautiful veranda overlooking stunning ocean views and is just a stones throw away from some of the most beautiful beaches on Bimini. Access to all Resorts World pools, beaches and amenities included during your stay.

Shared House Accommodations - http://www.vrbo.com/621804

• King Room - Sleeps 2
• Queen Room - Sleeps 2
• Double Bed Room - Sleeps 4
• Bunk Bed Room - Sleeps 4

Please note that unless you choose a bunk bed (which are very comfortable) you will be sharing a bed with another mermaid.


~ Meet Your Hosts ~
Meet Araluna Mermaids Adrian, Elizabeth & Marsha...

On land, Adrian Hall (mermaid right) is a Gestalt Therapist, Artist, Humanist and Magnanimous Holder of Space. Elizabeth Bell (mermaid left) is a PureBioenergy Therapist, Quantum Hypnotherapist, Conductor of High Vibrations and General Silliness. Marsha Rivera (mermaid middle) is an Ashiastu and Massage Therapist, Telepathic Deliverer of Messages and Keeper of Magic and Pixie Dust. All of your hosts are heart centered and loving healers who connect deeply with energies and attributes of all that Bimini has to offer and are eager to guide those who are called to this sacred journey. To learn more about your hosts please visit their websites by clicking on their names above.


• 3 PM Arrive at Resorts World North Bimini Island
• 5 PM Welcome Reception
• 6 PM Opening Circle
• 7 PM Dinner
• 8:30 PM Full Moon Sacred Ceremony

• 7 AM Continental Breakfast
• 7:30 AM Depart Resorts World: Excursion to Healing Mangroves
• 10:30 AM Hearty Brunch
• 12 PM Afternoon Mermaid Swim Lesson
• 2 PM Lunch
• 3 PM Free time/Beach time/Siesta
• 7 PM Dinner and sunset
• 8 PM Guided Meditation Exercise - Part One

• 8 AM Optional light stretch, Greet the Sun
• 9 AM Breakfast
• 10 AM Mermaid Swim Practice
• 12 PM Lunch
• 2 PM Excursion Road to Bimini and Wild Dolphin Swim (Snacks provided)
• 8 PM Late Dinner and Bonfire

• 8 AM Optional light stretch, Greet The Sun
• 9 AM Breakfast
• 11 AM Day Hike to North Island Vortex, Mermaid Swim, Water Ceremony (Picnic Lunch Included)
• 6 PM Dinner and Sunset
• 8 PM Story Telling

• 8 AM Optional light stretch, Greet the Sun
• 9 AM Breakfast
• 11 AM Free Day to spend as you please: Island options include exploring Alice Town, charter boat to ocean vortex, swim with sharks, scuba, snorkel, head to the beach, pool or casino, schedule a massage etc. - To Go Lunch provided
• 6 PM Dinner and Sunset
• 8:30 PM Guided Meditation Exercise - Part Two

• 8 AM Optional light stretch, Greet the Sun
• 9 AM Breakfast
• 10 AM Activating the Heart Workshop
• 12 PM Lunch
• 2 PM Snorkel Morzel Reef and Wild Dolphin Swim
• 8 PM Sunset Dinner followed by Celebration and Bonfire

• 8 AM Optional light stretch, Greet the Sun
• 9 AM Breakfast
• 10 AM Closing Ceremony
• 12 PM Depart Bimini